Gas Fitting Service in Wollongong

When you are at home or in the office, it is critical for both comfort and safety that all aspects of your building work. The lights switch on, the Wi-Fi functions…but what if you suspect you could have a gas leak, an issue that is not just inconvenient but also unsafe? That is where we come in. At Movement Plumbing, we know when these things happen, they inconvenience everyone. This is why it is our job to come in, find the problem, inform you of your options, and resolve it.


We put our customers first to ensure your home or office will be back to working order as quickly as possible. From fixing burst pipes to assisting with gas fitting in Wollongong, our services are at your disposal.


Let Us Handle the Gas Fitting in Your Wollongong Home


Attempting to upgrade or repair gas work of any kind can be dangerous if you don't have prior skills, experience, and equipment to assist you. Let us send a qualified gas plumber to your Wollongong home or business to do the hard work for you.


A damaged gas line can cause major problems, both for you and your house or property. Here are four signs that will help you to identify a gas leak in any home or business building.


  • What's that sound? - One of the simplest ways to detect a gas leak is by using your ears. If you are near a gas line and you hear a hissing or whistling noise, then there is a leak, and it needs to be sorted. If you require our Wollongong gas fitting service today, we can assist.

  • Have the eggs gone off? - The most common indicator of a gas leak is the smell of sulphur or rotten eggs. If you smell this scent without a discernable reason, check your gas line in case it is in need of repair.

  • I feel funny - Due to gas mixing with oxygen in the air, the amount of oxygen your body receives will decrease during a gas leak, which can cause light-headedness. This is a common physical sign that there is a gas leak in your building. With our 24/7 emergency service, we will fix the problem to minimise your exposure.

  • What happened to my plants? - If you have plants throughout your office or home, they might help notify you of a serious problem. Like a canary in a mine, your plants can notify you if there is a gas leak present: you’ll notice a steep drop in the health of your plants and poor growth patterns.


No Job is Too Small

At Movement Plumbing, we offer our services to all, from fixing a straightforward issue with a blocked sink to providing a  gas fitter for Wollongong homes or workplaces. We want to help our customers resolve their issues as fast as possible so they can continue their lives without interruption. We use quality materials and experienced plumbers. We meet our customer service and satisfaction goals by maintaining constant communication with you. With Movement Plumbing, you receive a high level of conduct with a quality service every time. Contact us today.










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