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Who Handles Gas Stove Installation?

Gas stoves are some of the most common kitchen appliances, and these stoves use highly flammable gases as fuel. Some of which include; propane, syngas, natural gas, butane, and petroleum gas. There are high risks of poisoning from gas leakages and fire hazards.

Therefore, if you plan to have a gas stove installed in your home, you must be careful about how the job is done to guarantee that it does not pose any of the risks mentioned above. Simply put, you should leave the gas stove installation job to a professional. With the many professionals who might claim they can do the installation; you need to know the right ones to choose.

Gas fitters are known to work in residential, industrial, and commercial settings to install, maintain, inspect and repair gas equipment and gas lines. What of plumbers? Do plumbers do gas stove installation? This is what this article focuses on.

What Is A Gas Stove?

A gas stove is a cooker or stove that uses butane, natural gas, propane, liquefied petroleum gas, and other flammable gases as the fuel source. They feature sealed or standard burners, so you have the option to choose the one that best suits your needs. A gas stove with a sealed burner is better since it makes cleaning easy; it has an airtight seal that effectively prevents food from falling beneath the burners.

Some stoves are made explicitly for high heat, while others are made for low heat burners. For fast cooking and boiling, you require high heat burners. On the other hand, low heat burners work best for simmering foods.

Why Should You Invest In A Gas Stove?

Installing a gas stove in your home is an excellent investment for the following reasons.

More efficient heat control

With a gas stove, you can easily change the heat. This is because the flame doesn’t need time to cool down or warm up compared to an electric stove. Thus, whether it’s your first time using the stove or not, using it is straightforward since you do not have to adjust its settings when preparing different recipes.

Gas stoves are durable

Gas stoves feature metal grates that are stronger than the smooth tops of their electric counterparts. Other electric stoves are made of ceramic or glass making them more delicate to handle. The metal grates in gas stoves can withstand rough or heavy cookware without any issues.

Less costly

Another reason to invest in gas stoves is their cost-effectiveness. Cooking with gas is cheaper than cooking with electricity. As a result, you save more when it comes to your energy bills. The other great thing is that you don’t face inconveniences since you are not affected by power issues arising from a blackout.

Great for emergencies

A gas stove is an effective cooking solution when you have an emergency. If you use electric cookers and the power goes off, you could use the gas stove for cooking as it won’t be affected by blackouts. Thus, if your area experiences frequent power outages, a gas stove is a vital cooking appliance to have.

Environmentally friendly

Another reason to install a gas stove is that it is eco-friendly. It does not emit smoke that could cause air pollution.

Gas stoves have all the necessary features

A gas stove has all the necessary features needed in a cooker. The stove comes with a gas pipe, nozzles, cut-off valves, and lighters. You may also have other features, depending on the type and cost of the gas stove you buy.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking

You will also enjoy using your gas stove for indoor and outdoor cooking. You can bring your stove (if portable) when camping or other outdoor events. You can also use it in any room in your house since it doesn’t take much space.

Available in various types

Depending on your set needs or preferences, there are different types of gas stoves to choose from. Some types you can select include hybrid gas stoves, free-standing gas stoves, or those with one to four furnaces. Additionally, you can have them customised to meet your specific cooking needs.

Why Hire A Plumber For Gas Stove Installation?

As mentioned above, you should leave the gas appliance installation job to a professional plumber. They have all the necessary skills and understand how gas stoves work; thus, you can expect them to offer professional installation services. Below are some other reasons to hire plumbers for gas stove installation.

They offer all other gas stove services

A qualified plumber has the right experience, skills, and training to offer solutions to all your gas stove problems. Thus, you can expect them to offer high-quality gas stove services, including installation, repairs, inspection, maintenance, and others you may require.

In addition, they understand all the risks involved with using a gas stove in your home, so they perform the installation job and put all the safety measures in place. If your stove has an issue, they can quickly identify it and offer a long-lasting solution.

You get to save money

It costs you money to hire a plumber to install a gas stove, but you save more in the long run. A good plumber installs the stove according to the standards set, so you can use it for a long time without any problems arising. Plumbers also help protect your warranty by doing the installation and repairs according to the manual provided by the manufacturer.

Moreover, most plumbers offer you discounted prices for repairs and maintenance if they are the ones who installed your gas stove. Bear in mind that most manufacturers will void your warranty if you do not get a professional plumber to install your gas stove.

Enhance safety

When installing a gas stove, safety should be a top priority. If you install it yourself, you expose your home to fire hazards or gas leak risks. However, a plumber understands all the necessary precautions to ensure you are safe from these hazards.

They have the proper safety training on gas stove installations. They also advise you on all the safety measures to observe while using the appliance for both indoor and outdoor cooking purposes.

Comply with gas stove installation codes

A licensed plumber understands all the codes and regulations to comply with when installing gas stoves in your home. Thus, you will achieve greater peace of mind knowing that your gas appliance is installed according to the set regulations avoiding problems with the building authorities in your area.

If anything goes wrong and you want to file an insurance claim, you won’t have to go through many hassles since the installation work meets the set standards and is done by a licensed plumber.

If you plan to sell your dwelling in the future, having a gas stove will raise your home’s value. Buyers will find your home more cost-efficient and more convenient to settle in. Therefore, having a stove installed boosts the value of your entire home.

The Cost Plumbers Charge To Install Gas Stoves

The cost of gas stove installation depends on several factors. Since working with gas is high-risk, plumbers don’t undercharge for the services provided. Generally, the price depends on where you live. If you hire a plumber living far from your place, you can expect the price to be higher than when you hire a local plumber.

A local plumber is also better since you can bargain for a price reduction and understand each other better than you would with one from a distant place. If you agree on hourly charges, plumbers also charge a price depending on the number of hours spent installing. Some will also charge per project, which is cheaper than hourly rates.

The total sum of work to be done also determines the costs. For instance, if you did not have a gas stove before, your plumber must install a gas line into your house, leading to a higher price. They might also have to offer other services, such as unclogging a blocked drain and other repairs on your system before the installation, causing the price to be higher.

The Time A Plumber Takes To Install A Gas Stove

It takes roughly one to two hours for a trained plumber to install a gas stove in your home. The installation might take around one hour, with the second hour being spent checking gas lines for leaks to ensure that the gas fitting is done right before leaving. However, the installation work might take longer to complete if there is no gas line in your home.

The other factor that might determine how long the plumber takes is whether they are working alone or with a team. If they work alone, you can expect the job to take longer than it would when working with a team.

Other Gas Stove Services Provided By Plumbers

Plumbers also offer other gas stove services. Therefore, you can ask your plumber to also do any of the following if need be:

• Install gas cooktops

• Test, maintain, repair, inspect and test your gas system

• Offer gas hot water system repairs, installation, and maintenance

• Install gas meters and gas fittings

• Emergency gas stove services

Find A Great Plumber To Install Your Gas Stove

Not all the plumbers you find can offer you high-quality gas stove installation services. Therefore, as a result, you need to be extra keen to ensure you get the best since these professionals have different qualifications and training. Be sure to check their qualifications to ensure your plumber has the proper training and certification in gas stove installation.

Note that your warranty can become void, and you could lose your insurance if you work with an unqualified plumber. You should also confirm that the relevant authorities license your plumber. They need to have a valid license and be fully insured. It’s also important to check the cost charged by different plumbers.

Look for one charging an affordable yet reasonable price for their services. Low-priced plumbers might offer low-quality work, so don’t go for the cheapest as you try to save on your budget; always use the services of a trusted, licenced, and skilled plumber to handle any plumbing or installation work.